POLING OEM/ODM Customized intelligent touch table


1. Intelligent interaction: The intelligent touch desk is equipped with advanced touch screen technology, which can interact with children through touch, sliding, and clicking operations. Children can interact with learning content by touching elements such as images, text, and animation on the table, improving the fun and engagement of learning.

Multimedia learning: The intelligent touch desk supports rich multimedia learning resources, including animations, audio, videos, and games. These learning resources combine the requirements of kindergarten education and the cognitive characteristics of children, helping them master basic knowledge such as language, mathematics, and logic, and cultivating their observation, thinking ability, and creativity.

2. Personalized learning: Intelligent touch tables can provide personalized learning content and teaching methods based on factors such as children’s age, interests, and abilities. Whether it is learning letters and numbers, or conducting logical thinking and creative thinking training, intelligent touch tables can provide children with suitable learning environments and resources based on their characteristics and needs.


3. Interactive experience: The interactive function and multimedia learning resources of intelligent touch tables can stimulate children’s learning interest and participation, making them more proactive in learning. Children can interact with learning content through touch, sliding, and clicking operations, and deepen their understanding and memory of knowledge through animation, audio, and games.