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Children’s touch table | Touch interaction, active and fun social learning


Children’s Touch Table

As a Display Platform, The Large Screen Touch Screen Enables The Learning And Playback Process Of Course Content On The Touch Screen, Experiencing The Joy Of Hands-On Touch And Interactive Learning, And Improving Children’s Learning Interest And Practical Ability.

Exercise And Learn From The Inside Out, From Emotions To Willpower, From Theory To Practice, And Other Aspects.


Platform Technology

#The Platform Adopts Flash For Front-End Display, Which Can Dynamically Display 3d Effects, Making It Visual, Vivid, And Aesthetically Pleasing.

#Vector Rendering Technology, With Pixel Compensation Function, Makes It Clearer.

#Resolution Independence, The Larger The Magnification, The Clearer The Resolution. Swf Resources Account For At Least 90% Of The Total Resources.

#The Shutdown Time Of The Terminal Can Be Set Individually Or In Batches In The Background Volume Level And Other Data.

#Multiple Modes: Supports One Person Mode, Two Person Mode, And Four Person Mode.



01 Art Museum

The Art Museum Includes Electronic Pianos And Painting Art Resources. Through Game Activities, It Enhances The Fun Of Children’s Learning, Enhances Their Interest In Learning Art, And Enables Children To Experience Art In Games, Cultivating Their Artistic Skills From An Early Age.

02 Literacy Hall

The Literacy Library Includes Happy Literacy, Mathematical Enlightenment, And Children’s English.

Animation Display Image Teaching, Right Brain Memory Of Picture Sounds, Allows Children To Learn In Interesting Games And Animations, Quickly Accept, Watch, Listen, Speak, Play, And Learn In Fun, Making Learning Not Dull But Full Of Fun.

03 Game Hall

Fun Learning, The Game Hall Includes Children’s Coloring Games, Puzzle Games, And Happy Games.

Exercise Children’s Brains, Eyes, And Hands In The Form Of Games, Allowing Them To Constantly Think, Judge, And Make Decisions While Playing, Enabling Them To Gain Logic And Agility In The Game.

Pay Attention To The Intellectual Development Of Young Children From An Early Age, Improve Their Logical Analysis And Independent Thinking Abilities.

04 Children’s Song Hall

Aesthetic Accumulation, Including Classic Nursery Rhymes, Beloved Nursery Rhymes, And Nursery Rhymes.

Displayed In Flash Animation, The Live Child Voice Is Simple, Easy To Understand, Catchy, And Close To Life. Beautiful Melodies, Harmonious Rhythms, And Sincere Emotions Provide Children With Aesthetic Enjoyment And Emotional Influence.

Learning Through Video Can Reduce The Teaching Pressure Of Teachers, Sing And Dance More, Enrich Children’s Extracurricular Life, Strengthen Their Imitation And Creative Abilities, And Enable Them To Grow Happily And Healthily.

If Children Arbitrarily Let Themselves Do Whatever They Want Without Labor, They Will Neither Learn Literature, Nor Music, Nor Sports, Nor The Etiquette That Ensures The Highest Moral Standards.